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The initiative promoted by Primaidea Ltd, in collaboration with Assadakah Sardegna , with the Sirai Hospital Carbonia and the Di Zahle Gouvernamental Hospital contributed to the breast cancer prevention in Lebanon, in the north region of Bekaa where the incidence of breast cancer is relevant. The project implemented not only a prevention campaign but also started a path for the exchange of best practices between Sardinian and Lebanese doctors, thanks to a joint work of the different teams made of instrumental tests on patients (mammography, breast ultrasound and needle biopsies) and comparison of investigation techniques and protocols adopted. During the implementation of the project, it has been pointed out a clear delay in the techniques and equipment used in Lebanon, which are mainly still of a traditional type. Moreover the Sardinian doctors ascertained that the difficulty in defying an early diagnosis leads to serious cases of breast cancer. This critical phase has been overcome in Sardinia, thanks to the screening and awareness campaigns and to the auto-diagnosis which facilitate early diagnosis and increase chances of recovery.

Overall, approximately 7000 Lebanese women have been involved in an education, prevention and care process with the aim of reducing the death rate for breast cancer in the cities of Bekaa.